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I wholeheartedly believe that when we honor mothers and treat motherhood as a sacred time of healing, growing, and developing, not only are women happier and more fulfilled, but our children and future generations reap abundant rewards, I’m on a mission to empower new moms and moms-to-be to invest in motherhood as their greatest asset.
An investment in mothers is an investment in children. When we support mothers by giving them the financial, emotional, and spiritual tools they need to be able to experience true abundance, that abundance overflows for generations to come. You sent
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Fun Facts

1. I like long drives on an open road

2. I like my son’s smile

3. I like one-on-one conversations

I’d always dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom. Due to infertility, it took me much longer to conceive than I ever imagined. In fact, I had almost given up on ever having my own child. But, in 2019, just before turning 39, my miracle child was born, and my lifelong dream to be a stay-at-home mom was finally realized.

Resigning from my successful 9-year teaching career was scary. I had no clue how I would replace my income. We were already living a frugal lifestyle, and my husband’s income wasn’t enough to cover our basic living expenses. We didn’t have an emergency savings account built up.

We had credit card debt.

I thought it would be easy and simple to find something to do from home that could help me earn at least $2K per month, the minimum I needed to supplement my husband’s income. I experienced anxiety, depression, stress, and worry. I suffered with feelings of guilt and shame. I felt disconnected and lost.

And then I started reaching out to other women who were doing what I wanted to do… earning income while still having plenty of time to pour into their children’s lives. And through those connections, I started to be lifted out of a dark and scary place, into a place of hope, courage, and strength. Now it’s my mission to support other moms who want to live this lifestyle but feel stuck, scared, and worried. You are not alone!

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