Capital Mom Podcast 21: From Food Stamps to a 7-Figure Business in 18 Months as a Single Mom of an Infant

Capital Mom Podcast

Iva Paleckova is the CEO of and the host of the Leaders Break Free podcast. She is known for taking her business from 0 to 7 figures in 18 months, as a single mom to an infant. Iva helps high-performing multi 6 and 7 figure business owners, break free of their barriers and fall MADLY in love with their business. She also helps beginner coaches to launch their 6 figure brands.

Today Iva joins me to talk about how she overcame the challenges of being a single mom and made the decision to live life on her own terms, no matter what! 

In this episode, Iva shares:

-What she did to pull herself out of a dark place after the biological father of her child left her and completely cut her off after learning she was pregnant.
– Why she says being a single mother actually gives her more freedom
– How she went from $700 in her bank account to earning 7 figures in her business in 18 months.
– How she helps other women create lives that they can be excited about, regardless of their situation in life

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