Capital Mom Podcast 24: From Debilitating Illness and Depression to Earning $5K Per Month Helping Other Moms Live Their Dream Lives

Capital Mom Podcast

From Debilitating Illness and Depression to Earning $5K Per Month Helping Other Moms Live Their Dream LivesToday’s guest survived a stroke and suffered with Bell’s Palsy just days after giving birth to her first child. This led to a deep depression that lasted for years After the devastating and sudden loss of her sister, she found the strength and inspiration to emerge from the darkness and build a business where she gets to help other moms live their dreams…all while earning the money her family needs.

Phanice Shamalla-Mulengwa is a mom of a 6 and 4-year old. She has been an entrepreneur since 2009. She started an events sales and marketing company where she sold and managed training events for coaches and also sold and managed events for professional medical associations. In 2014 she decided to slow down and start a family.

She never imagined how drastically her life would change after her precious daughter was born in 2015. Three days after having her baby, she had a stroke and was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. It was tough for the next three years as she suffered with illness, loss, grief, and depression.

Thankfully she survived! She wanted to stay home and take it easy while still contributing to the household. Now she earns as much as she did in her events marketing business with less work and more focus. She is earning over $5K per month as a business strategy coach for moms who want to earn money while working from home doing what they love.

In this episode, Phanice shares:

– How she made it through the most difficult challenge of her life starting with severe medical conditions that made her immobile for 8 months right after her baby was born

– The crucial role her husband played in her life and in the life of their children during that time.

– How the sudden and unexpected loss of her sister helped her come out of a deep depression after a 3-year battle

– How she is using her strengths and passions to make an impact 

– Why she wishes she hired a coach sooner

– The importance of finding something you love to do